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What is a telemarketing license?  And what is a state telemarketing registration? - a beacon of hope to call centers lost in the jungle of state telemarketing regulation!
Individuals and call centers who are new to the telemarketing industry may not be familiar with the various licensing requirements which apply to telemarketing businesses.  No national telemarketing license is required, but many states require call centers to obtain a state-specific license before calling into (or from) those states.  Also, some states require the individual telemarketing agents themselves to obtain a state telemarketing license.  Telemarketing license requirements vary by state.  The forms and fees for these telemarketing registrations also vary by state.
Approximately 33 states have a local telemarketing license requirement.  In order to obtain a state's telemarketing license, call centers must go through a telemarketing registration process and obtain approval.  Forms must be completed and signed, all required exhibits must be attached, and in some cases an application fee and surety bond must be submitted.  Some states now allow businesses to apply online. These telemarketing license requirements are completely separate from state DNC lists and state autodialer permits.  State telemarketing licenses are also separate from the national DNC list.  As you can see, many layers of regulation apply to telemarketing activities.  Always consult your legal counsel before making compliance decisions. 
This website provides some introductory information about state telemarketing registrations and telemarketing licenses.  This information is cursory only, and is not a substitute for the advice of an experienced telemarketing attorney.  As useful as it may be, this information is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date.  Without a doubt, some errors or omissions exist. 

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The information provided on this website is informational only and is not to be substituted for legal advice. There is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate, complete, or up to date. This information is cursory only and likely contains some errors.  You should not rely on this information without first consulting a competent telemarketing lawyer.